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The Book: Doing the W-O-R-K: Women Overcoming Real Khaos

Published: September 5, 2017
Pages: 146
Publisher: House Capacity Publishing
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0692948767
ISBN-13: 978-0692948767

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Imagine having to battle mental let-go’s, unsuccessful relationships, a cancer diagnosis, eleven surgeries, a broken self-image, clinical depression, and shattered thinking. Author Sharon L. Greer has experienced real chaos, but has decided to survive and conquer each challenge that dared to cross her path. Greer has developed a guide to helping women who may be experiencing the most challenging times in their lives. Her comprehensive work-book focuses on Women Overcoming Real Khaos.

The definition of "Khaos" may differ for each woman, but through it all, everyone must know how to do the W-O-R-K in order to triumph. With lessons such lessons as "Taking Back Personal Power", "Peeling Off Labels", and "Mighty Forgiveness", Greer serves as an example of an overcomer, an accountability partner, and a cheerleader of success.

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