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Offering an interactive, soul-searching, and powerful workshop environment. Our workshops are designed to help women identify and begin the process of the needed work. Our goal is to leave you with real life strategies to help you reach those life goals you have set or dreamed for yourself.

Our Goal

To provide you with real topics that can be applied to enhance your walk toward empowerment or reinforcement of your life's journey.

What you can expect:

  • A safe sharing environment
  • Real life stuff you can apply
  • Interactive skill-building workshop

Vision CRY!

Have you asked yourself the question, what is my purpose?

This workshop will help find you answer that question for purpose by understanding how to respond  to that cry within you.  We will spend time learning how to discover what to listen for,  how to respond to, and then how do you then  nurture that cry to that will allow you to reach that purpose and walk it out fully.

Werk It Gurl!

Doing the W.O.R.K.™  of overcoming is critical to experiencing all life has in store just for you!

This workshop will explore what it means to do the work of overcoming in our lives as women.  Then learning how to apply these real strategies  to began or enhance the process of striving, overcoming, and thriving to purpose.

Personal Power 101

Who or what have you given your personal power over to and how do you reclaim it?

This workshop will discuss practical steps to reclaiming your personal power and once reclaimed, how to reinforce your skill in OBTAINING and MAINTAINING the attitude of an overcomer.

Standing on My Truth

What tall tales or those deceptive labels have you believed throughout your life that others may have placed on you? Or, what misrepresentations of you have you come to internalize as truth?

This workshop will debunk the myths and misrepresentations that stop you from standing on who you truly are. Let's talk about your truth that makes you fully you and how to do the work of standing strong as you.

Lessons Learned “OUCH”

Life’s lessons can be tough and very painful. In this workshop,  let's explore what those tough lessons teach and how to apply the learnings to change those ouch's into VICTORY!

Mending Shattered Thinking

This workshop will explore our thinking patterns that we have gained throughout our lives that leads to brokenness. We will spend time working out strategies to mend those shattered thought patterns.

The Power of Forgiveness

Why is forgiveness an critical factor to being a overcomer.?

This workshop will probe into the concept of forgiveness. We will explore why the power to forgive not only mends brokeness but provides a springboard to overcoming hurt, and provides the key to moving on to purpose.

My Full-Length Mirror: Journey to Acceptance

What is reflected in your mirror each day, do you see your both inner & outer beauty as well as your value?

This workshop will delve into how you see yourself and how that impacts your purpose.

Never chase a person that doesn’t know your worth because the moment you catch him you will always feel you were never good enough~Shannon L. Alder
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