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Sharon L. Greer MSN, RN Personal Journey Coach

Niya Training Consultants, LLC is a company that was developed out of the heartfelt need to help others recognize and live out their ability for growth, empowerment and change. Our company is built on the values of:

ResiliencePersonal Value

As a company we embrace the concept that every individual has the ability to enhance their calling in life by (re) discovering their potential and their human value to a world in need of that contribution. We assist in that personal journey by offering trainings, personal consultation, and interactive workshops.

My Story:

Not so long ago I sat a shattered and broken woman. A woman full of self-hatred, feeling useless, believing I was of no value, out of steam, and certainly powerless to be fully me. I was constantly fearful.  I was living through a series of mishaps one after another, from bad relationships, a cancer scare, dreams unrealized, to crushed emotions. Sister-girl, I was so beat down from all the pain in my life that it felt like a ton of bricks was sitting on my heart. When all you can relate to are the never-ending negative labels and thoughts in your head. They then become real to you and you believe them as truth. On top of all that having a body image so distorted you spend years avoiding mirrors (especially full-length ones).

But hear me scream loudly, out of all that CHAOS I managed to overcome & survive mental let-go’s, unsuccessful relationships, a cancer diagnosis, seven surgeries on this body, a broken self-image, clinical depression, and shattered thinking.

I came out of that mess with a message to share, proclaiming it loudly.  I obtained my graduate degree in nursing, and was fortunate enough to love the work. It inspired me to press on. In spite of those years of pain and brokenness, I  took those valuable life lessons and am now walking out my life's vision & purpose.   I stand here together with you as a brave and powerful woman, with a purpose, and a story to tell!  I am standing firm on the truth of who I am, valuing the women I was created to be. What a privilege for me to now live out my personal mission: To cultivate, nurture & inspire the self worth of women!

Who would have thought by reclaiming my power, standing on my own truth, and finding that value within I would find me here with you, right now?  This is going to be a great ride together.  Would you join me on this wonderful & life changing journey to your purpose and destiny?


Call to Action?

  1. Share your story and read other great stories of other women as we together do the W-O-R-K. to overcome the real chaos in our lives.If you have overcome hardship or  have reached a good place through struggle, share that with us, share those powerful lessons learned.  Your victory can help someone else.
  2. Don’t ever give up your personal power to another, you need that power to accomplish all that you are called into action to do.
  3. Call me or e-mail your requests and be sure to visit the speaker request page - I will come if you need me.
  4. And, most of all stand on the truth of you (your truth)!
A women who walks in purpose doesn't have to chase people or opportunities, her light causes people and opportunities to pursue her.~Anne Nwakama
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