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“Possess the Attitude of an Overcomer – guess what, you soon . . . will be!”

Our mission is to serve women who are seeking to empower themselves and walk this journey of life fully!

Our vision is to see women overcome the real chaos in their lives by doing the W.O.R.K.™ required to be all that they are created to be!

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Women you can be overcomers and master who you are called to be.

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Never forget how powerful you are as a women, nothing is too difficult to conquer.

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Women are made to be amazing, so don’t be afraid to be amazing!

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Do not fear success remember, it's all about doing the W.O.R.K.


It was so powerful to realize my own strength and the resilient spirit of my clients. I can certainly use the information to help my clients deal with life crisis.

Program Coordinator


Sharon has the uncanny ability to share her personal struggles as well as victories, while promoting healing in your heart at the same time. She has helped me to reconfigure and discover my vision cry!

Life Coach/Motiavtional Speaker

Bettye Jo

I attended the S.H.A.P.E workshop that Sharon presented some years ago, It was awesome! It caused me to work on my spiritual growth.

Grand Rapids, MI

A women who walks in purpose doesn't have to chase people or opportunities, her light causes people and opportunities to pursue her.~Anne Nwakama
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